As a region matures and the predominant activity shifts from drilling and completion of wells to production, our facilities continue to experience demand for ongoing processing of waste produced over the life of the well(s).

Each of our SWD facilities will be operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by our employees. Our locations in Northeastern Oklahoma currently include onsite offices and housing for our employees. We supplement our manned operations with various automated technologies to improve their efficiency and safety. We either have or are currently installing 24-hour digital video monitoring and recording systems at each facility. These systems allow us to track operations and unloading as well as the identity of customers upon arrival at our facilities. We believe our commitment to operating our facilities with sophisticated technology and automation contributes to our enhanced operating margins and provides our customers with increased safety and regulatory compliance. In the future, we anticipate that some of our SWD facilities will be run through technological automation with off-site monitoring and control.

In addition, we intend to construct or acquire SWD facilities in new locations of high-growth resource plays throughout the U.S. In evaluating possible locations for new SWD facilities, we consider a number of factors, including the location of existing and expected drilling and production activity; the presence of competing SWD services providers; the number, size and financial strength of associated producers; the geological characteristics of the area; access to power infrastructure and roads or pipelines for transportation; and the ability to obtain the necessary permits to conduct operations. The locations on which we actually drill or acquire new SWD wells will ultimately depend upon the availability of capital, regulatory approvals, costs, actual drilling results and other factors. Our ability to grow in the future is dependent on our ability to access external growth capital.

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