Our water and environmental services customers are oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, including majors and independents, trucking companies and third-party purchasers of residual oil operating in the regions that we serve.

The business currently provides the following services:

  • 24 hour public saltwater disposal and holding tanks
  • Private saltwater pickup and removal
  • On-site saltwater tank cleanup
  • Saltwater oil and frac fluid skimming
  • Recycling ALL types of water

Water Management

We dispose of naturally occurring water that is extracted during the oil and natural gas production process. This produced water is generated during the entire lifecycle of each oil and natural gas well. While the level of hydrocarbon production declines over the life of a well, the amount of saltwater produced may decline more slowly or in some cases may even increase over time. The oil and natural gas producer separates the produced water from the production stream and either transports it to our SWD facilities by truck, pipeline, or contracts with us to transport it to our SWD facilities. Once we receive the water at our SWD facilities, we filter/treat the water, separate the oil, recycle the saltwater for reuse, and then inject any solids or waste into the SWD well at depths of at least 4,000 feet. We periodically sample, test and assess produced water to determine its chemistry so that we can properly treat the water which maximizes oil separation and the life of the well. The residual oil is then stored in holding tanks to be sold to third party companies.

Byproduct Sales

Before we inject flowback and produced water into an SWD well, we separate the residual oil from the saltwater stream. We then store the residual oil in our tanks and sell it to third-parties.